Thanksgiving Recipes Made With Beer


Thanksgiving Recipes Made With Beer

As you prepare for this year’s Thanksgiving feast, don’t forget to stop by the liquor store (or your favorite craft brewery) for ingredients. Here are a few recipes and beer pairings to get your menu started.


Pumpkin Ale Farro Roasted Asparagus Pomegranate and Goat Cheese Salad. This salad recipe is a great way to put the remainder of your pumpkin beer to use. The beautiful colors will brighten up any Thanksgiving table.

Try a barrel aged beer to kick your meal off right.

Beer Brined Turkey

You obviously need a turkey as the main feature on your table. The beer will make your turkey just the right level of juicy, from white to dark meat.

Pair your turkey with an American Pale Ale.


Get a little creative with your stuffing this year. Buffalo, cheddar, and bacon will make your side-dish stand out.

Stuffing pairs well with a Pilsner.


A rich chocolate dessert featuring…beer? Say no more. These pecan pie smoked porter brownies are just the finishing touch your meal needs.

A porter brownie requires a smoked porter for pairing!

Want more details on pairing your Thanksgiving meal with drinks?

Check out this infographic from VinePair.

The Complete Guide To Pairing Wine, Beer And Booze With Every Thanksgiving Dish


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