Planning Your Perfect NFL Fantasy Draft Party

Planning Your Perfect NFL Fantasy Draft Party

Planning Your Perfect NFL Fantasy Draft Party

From draft boards to beer, there are plenty of details that go into hosting your own fantasy football draft party. Start planning your draft party now, and you surely won’t regret it.

Stock Up Your Fridge

efridgeWhether you opt for your humble kitchen fridge, or go for some smart technology, you’ll need a few Buds. The Bud-E Fridge is a first-of-its-kind smart home beer fridge that enables consumers the ability to view real-time information from their fridge–from the number of Bud Light cans and bottles in it, to when the optimal temperature is reached for them. (image via)

Get Cooking

grill-bbq-partyYou can easily share the responsibility by turning your party into a pot luck, but that doesn’t mean you’re totally off the hook. Check out any of the fantastic recipes by The Beeroness for a sure hit. Also, veggies and hummus+dip usually go forgotten, but will definitely be appreciated (as are Tums).

Get Technical

So Called Fantasy Experts shares some great ideas in this post. From tracking your draft to actually running it, they address some of the technical aspects that could ruin a perfectly good drafting party if they go wrong.

Start A Tradition

Again, So Called Fantasy Experts hits you with some great ideas. Starting a tradition within your fantasy league can be hilarious, and it helps everybody get more into it. Whether it’s videos shared in a private Facebook group, odd bets, or trophies (maybe not named after your high school valedictorian) are all good places to start.

Make Sure Everybody Is Prepared

Set the ground rules for the draft–and for the league–early. If your league has a few beginners, go easy on them and share some resources ahead of time. The NFL Fantasy Draft Kit might be one of those resources.

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