10 New Year’s Resolutions Your Beer Life Could Use


10 New Year’s Resolutions Your Beer Life Could Use

As we say goodbye to one year of drinking great beer, soda, tea, and other beverages, we say hello to 2017. If you’re looking to expand your beer drinking horizons in the next 365 days, consider adopting some of these resolutions:

Try a new style of beer.

It’s easy for us to find our favorite and stick to it. Whether you’re an IPA freak or Bud Light is your go-to, you might be surprised at what you find.

Do a side-by-side tasting.

Get creative! You can compare milk stouts from two different breweries, or a regular IPA to a fresh hopped one. Perhaps it’s Summit’s EPA versus their IPA. Decide what you want to discover, and give it a shot.

Buy a growler or sampler pack to share.

Everybody loves the person who shows up to a party with new beer to try. Next time you’re at your local liquor store or brewery, pick up some beer to share.

Try a build-your-own six-pack.

These mix packs are a great way to try new beer without the commitment of finding them on tap or purchasing a whole six-pack. Many liquor stores have this option, so ask your go-to shop if they offer one.

Buy a beer for a friend (or a stranger!).

It’s a simple act of kindness that can make a big impact.

Go to a brewery in another state.

Not only will you try new beer, you’ll also get to travel. Go wild with a trip all the way out to Stone’s brewery (you pick a coast…they’re on both), or perhaps visit Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis.

Try an infusion or firkin.

Infusions and firkin’s are a different ball game than just trying a new style. Brewers get creative and funky with these, so be sure to try one at your next opportunity.

Upgrade your beer gear.

Whether you’re a homebrewer, or you simply want to add to your pint glass collection, treat yourself to some new beer gear–you’ve earned it!

Read a beer book.

Expand your beer geek knowledge with some good literature. A little different than your high school history textbook.

Support local.

We love supporting locally-owned beer and businesses. It’s good for our local economy, and it’s good for our neighbors.

Share with us!

Let us know when you accomplish one of your New Year’s Beer Resolutions by commenting here, sharing on Facebook, or tweeting at us!

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