Celebrate Your Lake

Celebrate Your Lake Poster

Celebrate Your Lake

Celebrate Your Lake PosterAs a Minnesotan, you undoubtedly love your lake. It’s where you grew up fishing, paddleboating, tubing, and making memories. Michelob Golden Light wants to help you celebrate all those memories, and to support the decades of memories to come. This is why they are collaborating with The Freshwater Society to donate money to keeping Minnesota’s lakes great.

All you have to do to help is to post a (publicly visible) picture of your lake on social media and tag it with #MichGolden #CYL. For every picture you share, Michelob Golden Light will donate $5 to The Freshwater Society.

Here are the full details from The Freshwater Society:

Celebrate Your Lake!

The Freshwater Society is pleased to be partnering once again with Michelob Golden Light for Celebrate Your Lake! In the past, this program has been a competition between lakes, with the winning lake receiving a $50,000 conservation grant. This summer, the funds will go to supporting the work of Freshwater Society, allowing for an impact across the state.

For every photo of your favorite lake tagged #MichGolden, #CYL, or #Sponsored, Michelob Golden Light will donate $5 to Freshwater Society, up to a maximum of $50,000. Any picture shared on social media between June 9 and September 6 will count, so start snapping pictures and share away!

A kickoff party for the 2016 campaign will be held from 5:00-8:00pm on Thursday, June 16 at Cowboy Slims in Uptown, Minneapolis, and will include a fashion show and fundraising raffle. All proceeds raised will be donated to Freshwater Society. Help us continue to do great work to care for the lakes, streams, rivers, and groundwater of Minnesota—join us on the 16th, and share your photos this summer!

You can follow along with the Freshwater Society on Facebook.

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